The Bible Is So Wrong About So Much

…It’s OK to not believe any of it!

If the Bible is the inspired word of God, then why is it so wrong about so much?

There is no evidence that what the Bible says about any of the events below is true; and that is the truth.

The Bible is wrong about the origin of the cosmos. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about the origin of the species. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about “Original Sin”. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about Noah and a world wide flood. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about the Tower of Babel. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about Moses. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about Egypt being plagued by 10 plagues. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about the Exodus. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about the 10 Commandments. The Truth.

The Bible is wrong about Joshua and the tumbling walls of Jericho. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about  sun, shadows and drought. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about 1,000,000 Ethiopians being murdered. The Truth

The Bible is wrong: “Free Will”  does not exonerate God. The Truth

The Bible is wrong: “God’s Plan” VS Predestination. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about God being loving, merciful and just. The Truth

The Bible is wrong to promote Yahweh as the only God. The Truth

The Bible is wrong to encourage slavery. The Truth

The Bible is wrong to encourage rape The Truth

The Bible is wrong about its promises to the Jews. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about David. The Truth.

The Bible is wrong: There is no evidence for Jesus Outside the Bible. The Truth

The Bible is wrong. Jesus did not establish a “New Covenant”. The Truth.

The Bible is wrong about Jesus’ birth. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about the power of prayer. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about Jesus love for you.  The Truth

The Bible is wrong about Jesus’ Crucifixion.  The Truth

The Bible is wrong to teach that “Jesus died for our sins”. The Truth

The Bible is wrong – Jesus Was NOT Resurrected. The Truth

The Bible is Wrong About Jesus’ Ascension The Truth

The Bible is wrong about the requirements for Salvation. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about Free Will – we are predestined. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about the “End Times”. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about Jesus and Family Values. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about what Jesus said. The Truth

The Bible is wrong about who wrote Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The Truth

The Bible is wrong; it is not the word of God. The Truth

The Bible is wrong because it contradicts itself. The Truth

Jesus’ own words PROVE the Bible is wrong. The Truth

Paul is so wrong about so much, why do you believe anything he says? The Truth

If the Bible is wrong about its foundation stories, what reason is there to believe anything in the Bible?

Why does an omnipotent, omniscient God text limit “his word” to technologies of bronze age man. Swords? Chariots? Really?

Why does God not know more than the ignorant, superstitious, Bronze age men who wrote the Bible? Why didn’t He tell us about germs?

How can you possibly love, worship and praise THIS GOD?

59 comments on “The Bible Is So Wrong About So Much

  1. Switch says:

    Love the website, and appreciate the effort that went into creating it. Especially at this moment in history, when “religious belief” is the root cause of so much violence, we simply cannot tolerate the irrational “religious beliefs” any longer. Religious belief must be subject to the same scrutiny and scientific analysis as everything else. It is beyond time that we evolve as a species to the point where everyone’s “faith” is subject to rational discourse, and “devote faith” is regarded as a mental illness.

  2. Geek says:

    Has any one read N.T. Whrite’s The resurrection of the Son Of God? I may have gotten his last name wrong.

  3. Metacrock says:

    I say it’s not so, I say I say….

  4. jbsptfn says:

    Golly gee willikers!!! This site is as intellectual as Marshall Brain’s Why Won’t God Heal Amputees nonsense.

    • Please explain to us why Marshall Brain’s “Why Won’t God Heal Amputees” is nonsense. Or better, explain why your God won’t heal amputees. Or explain why Mark 16:18 “…they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” never seems to actually work.

      “Golly gee willikers” who are you Mr. Intellectual. What counts as intellectual in your eyes? Which one of the Truths presented here can you refute with your intellectual evidence? Be my guest.

    • Switch says:

      Sometimes, the effort to enlighten the scared and delusional masses is akin to teaching my dog to speak English … He just lacks the mental and intellectual acumen to get there.

      • jbsptfn says:

        Nice choice of words to use against believers (calling their Christian beliefs delusional). I love how Atheists always seem to use that.

      • to Jbsptfn..

        So you have no problems sending telepathic messages to a jewish ghost telling him you accept him as your master because you need him to remove the magical curse that he put on you because a woman made from the rib of her partner ate a magical piece of fruit that a talking snake told her to eat?

        Really? No problem? And you don’t consider anyone who believes that to be delusional? That right there makes you delusional.

        How do you distinguish between fairy tales and reality if you don’t recognize that as nonsense?

        Any and all that believe in the supernatural are delusional, not just christians. You are not alone in your delusion.

  5. Graham says:

    Why not look at the ancient sumarians or egyptians for their perspective on religion, since they are the ones with the original deluge story and for at least 2000 years Egypt put it’s greatest minds to work, not on gadgets, but working out what happens when we die.

    If anyone here is truly seeking truth I urge you all to watch and read the work of Tom Campbell a physicist who has written my big TOE (Theory of everything) and for ancient knowledge, including the evidence for a lost advanced civilization Graham Hancock. There are many hours worth on youtube and will leave you feeling a bit more enlightened.

    Graham Hancock recently caused a bit of a storm by having a video banned from TED Talks, which he has successfully been able to get rebuked and is now available to be enjoyed again :)

    Love always everyone, if every person could just agree not to kill anyone else there would be no armies and people would have to start talking.

  6. ashik mondol says: are you?i love your
    church.your church is
    nice.Jesus,God. i love Jesus.Jesus is
    my life.i went to start your church
    of my country.
    my country name is the
    Bangladesh. i believe
    Jesus.metthew 28:18-20.God bless
    you.please answer me.

  7. JJ says:

    Attended Christian church yesterday, first time in a while. Was shown a video of an Aboriginal woman who has embraced Christianity and was somewhat derisive towards her family for “thanking the Ancestors” for good luck in hunting, while she thanked “Yahweh”. I spoke with the young minister afterwards and told him that disturbed me. There was a board out in the lobby where we were told to write anything “What Would Jesus UNDO”… I was tempted to write “Jesus would undo religions fighting over who was right.” I asked the minister to consider “Do some religions try to Trademark God?” I just do NOT believe the precepts of Christianity, as outlined by Paul. If anything, I am Gnostic in my thinking when considering Christianity. Revere the historical Jesus, yes. To the extent I believe he existed, yes, I can get behind his teachings. Believe in the nonsensical Christianity that has been built up around him in the last 2000 plus years? No. Believe in a Source? Yes. Believe in one person’s interpretation of what that Source is? No. There should be as many religions as there are people, in my opinion.

  8. The problem is several people have read erroneous criticism of the Bible. I see several of those “hearsay” issues repeated here. A good source is and These offer historical and educated critiques and not apologetics or guesswork.

    • jbsptfn says:

      I know for a fact that the Jesus Never Existed site is hogwash:

      • You “know for a fact”? Please enlighten us. What is the fact that you know that makes the Jesus Never Existed site hogwash?

      • jbsptfn says:

        I have read it. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Look at JP’s Tektoonics link I sent.

        Golly gee willikers!!! I did read JP’s Tektoonics piece. Spin, spin, spin, unbelievably lame excuses and “explanations”.

        Forget about JP, why don’t you tell me why Mark 16:18 “They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” never, ever happens the way Jesus promises. There is no wiggle room in this verse. Jesus promises three specific things that will happen to “them that believe”.

        How about you taking a swig of bleach – it won’t hurt you.

        You still have to explain your statement “I know for a fact”. What is the fact? Share it with us.

    • Don Brooks says:
      This is a great site that answers a lot of questions about Jesus. Highly recommend it if you want to know the Truth!!

  9. I was a member of a strictly fundamentalist assembly – we kept the faith of the Apostles in the Book of Acts – Sabbath, High Days, dietary laws, etc., and I did extensive study to find the Bible is full of contradictions, it is not written by whom is credited, the scribes Ezra and Nehemiah wrote most of Torah, “Jesus” is a myth based on Dionysus and much more. I tried to explain to Christians, but gave up. I find my fellowship now with those who share my beliefs.

  10. gabe says:

    Just got passed all the guilt of questioning religion in the last year and thought I would share my newbie thoughts… just started blogging and here is one of my two posts thus far… feedback?

  11. keith says:

    I am a little worried that the site is called the church of truth as it gives the impression it is a religion which it is not
    it is only the rejection of things not proved
    i hope we are all free thinkers and have opinions that differ on many things
    with just one thing in common
    and the ability to discuss anything of interest

  12. keith says:

    i have just come across this site ,sorry no new evidence ,however I would like to see this site better advertised ,I was a christian for 50 years until I actually read the bible and found out it talked of an evil god .who on investigation does not exist ,nor is it likely any other god exists
    may i point out that the Randi foundation offered $1000,000 years ago to anyone with any proof of magic or anything supernatural ,and although many have tied the money is still waiting ,I don’t know if you have said you would change your mind given proof ,I hope so as that’s fair ,I will join with you and all other atheists and await the proof ,but I won’t hold my breath

    • tomschaber says:

      Of course I would change my mind if given proof. As soon as God stops giving children birth defects and retroactively cures all whom he gave birth defects and as soon as all people in slavery are freed (especially the child sex slaves) and as soon as priests quit sodomizing young men and as soon as the Shiites and Sunnis stop killing each other and others over who has the correct version of god, then that will be proof enough for me. I WILL believe! Praise God!

      Oh wait… I’m going to add that God needs to eliminate all forms of disease…hmm too much, maybe just Typhoid, Malaria, all Cancers and just a few others. Then I WILL believe! Praise God!

      Oh…. wait. I forgot about mental illness. Yep.. he’s got to eliminate all forms of mental disease too. Then I WILL believe. Praise God.

      Oh wait… there must be some other things that God needs to fix before I believe. Why don’t you all help me by adding to the list of things God needs to fix before we believe.

      OH my gosh – how could I have left out a major source of misery in this world? So called “natural disasters” but you all know that the all powerful God is in charge of all things “natural” so I have to add the elimination of natural disasters to my list of things that God has to fix before I have sufficient proof that he/she/it exists and is in control.

      I don’t think I can bring myself to say Praise God anymore. Instead I’ll just say “Come on God, just do half of the things you should be doing, as outlined above, and maybe I’ll believe”.

      Any questions?

    • You went 50 years without actually, you know, reading the bible? That explains why you would be attracted to a group like this, all right.

      And no atheist would change their mind if proof was presented. They would just find ways to attack the proof. Fact.

      • tomschaber says:


        Did you not read what I said it would take to change my mind? Do you think that if those things happened I would still claim there is no God? I would believe in God if any of those things (no more disease or no more mental illness or no more natural disasters or no more slavery or no more rape or ….. oh, I could go on and on. Just any one of those and I will praise God.

        What is your irrefutable proof of a loving, merciful, just, benevolent, omniscient, omnipotent, loving, good, gracious God?

      • keith says:

        i’m afraid you don’t understand what atheists are about ,free thinking that means the ability to change our minds should proof be forthcomming ,i recently changed my mind on bible translation i does new appear the new world translation ,along with the n a b are the better translations ,however that doesnt detract from the fact the originals were made up

  13. remanandhra says:

    I must say, quite impressive effort put into one place. I appreciate your struggle.

  14. Its enlightening to see that someone is finally uncovering the contradictions depicted through out The Bible. Finally someone with the Intelligence to Call out The reasons the Bible was written in the first place, Constantine wanted to rule Rome and the world with Religion and his Army, This was his way of controlling the lands he conquered. People are still under the rule of the Roman Catholic Church and they are too IGNORANT to know it. I’m sickened.

    • Kevin says:

      And after the fall of the roman empire in the west, Alfred, king of the franks, at that time a barbaric, pagan, sadist and murderer, became a christian and continued on in the name of christianity, instead of his former beliefs. Organized religion was created a couple of millenia ago to subjugate and control the illiterate masses. Unfortunately, drilled into the psyche of society, even with the world mostly literate, it will be another few millenia, if ever, before humankind is released from its grip.

  15. Tim says:

    Truthsayer, you have clearly put a lot of thought into this site. Sad. I am enjoying the useful parts of your site but rejecting most of it.

    I do the same with the Bible. I must ask, do you not find at least the beatitudes, the 23rd Psalm, or the beautiful description of love by Paul in Corrinthians 13 worthwhile? I sure do.

    • The entire if not most of the Book of Psalms was written by the Poet William Shakespeare.. Why would on not find it prolific. People are so gullible.

      • What is called the “Old Testament” or Tanakh in Judaism, was compiled by the scribes Ezra and Nehemiah circa 500 BCE Psalms is from the section “The Writings,” most of which are much later than assumed. Several books in the writings come from around 300 BCE. The first English translation was by John Wycliffe and embellished by William Tyndale, who was executed for his work. Tyndale’s translation served as the basis of the King James Bible, complete with the redactions of Desiderius Erasmus. Shakespeare was believed to be one of the writers of the new translation.

    • tomschaber says:

      You cherry pick a few passages that on the face appear to be pleasant but when put in the context of the whole bible, are mere pleasantries in the multitude of evil that is the bible.

      The ideas expressed in the beatitudes were hundreds of years old at the time Jesus allegedly spoke them, if indeed he did speak them. I say that because the first quoted words of Jesus are found in Mark1:17 “And Jesus said unto them, Come ye after me, and I will make you to become fishers of men.”

      Those words were written by a non-witness at least 40, that’s four zero, forty years after they were allegedly spoken. How do we even know that Jesus actually said, let alone originated the beatitudes? How do we know they were not inserted into Matthew by someone hoping to improve Jesus’ image. After all Jesus also said “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” Mat 10:34 and even worse… “For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.” – Matthew 10.35,36

      With those contradictory thoughts from Jesus, I find it hard to have much faith that the beatitudes were something Jesus really embraced.

      Re: 23 Psalm: “…I will fear no evil: for thou art with me…” Tell that to the 12 year old girls who are being raped and sold into slavery. This 23rd Psalm is from the book of Psalms that delights in dashing the babies of mine enemies upon the rocks Psalms 137:9. Do you love that Psalm too?

      I can’t find a beautiful description of love in Corinthians but if it was spoken by Paul, it isn’t worth the paper it was written on. I have a low opinion of Paul. He said whatever suited his purpose for the occasion. To wit… he told his followers that Jesus would reappear in their lifetimes and that they should forsake everything and prepare for the second coming. Never happened. Paul lied. Paul is a liar. Paul could never be admitted to the Church of Truth!

      Any more questions?

  16. rapturesite says:

    How do I join this? I mean be a part of this Church? Lol I know a lot of religious dogma & I study ancient history. I could be an asset to your site.

    ☆ Spreading the real truth about how the Bible is an astrotheological, Mythical, allegorical, spiritual motif. Not actual events. The early Church altered the original teachings of the Gnostics & took much of other concepts from pagan cults. They made a syncretism with trying to make Jesus a historical figure, when in fact there’s no contemporary evidence for him. He’s just another anthropomorphized, personified Sun deity. Before Christianity was Judea Gnosticism & much of all religions were influenced by Egyptian beliefs. The Church embellished upon scriptures & everything else was Heretical but actually the original teachings & Rome burned the library of Alexandria, Egypt as well as many other writings to hide the truth. Oh & they burned people. Lol all in the name of Yahweh or Jehovah. Oh & Hitler had Faith too & killed for the Lord.

    ~ Rapture ~

  17. V1ct0r1996 says:

    This site needs to be taken down, and you need to stop telling everyone to ignore all the Christian and Jewish apologetics as they are liars and trying to defend their bloody faith, which is not true. Expert Christian and Jewish apologetics are defending their faith for a GOOD reason.

    • republibot3 says:

      Yeah, I’m disappointed by this site as well. I’m not going to say the guy is a fool, he obviously put a lot of work into it, and he obviously really believes it, but it *IS* a pretty sophomoric effort. It claims to work against the Judeo/Christian/Islamic tradition, but ignores Islam entirely. His arguments are not universally wrong, but they all lack depth. I mean, if you were going to do a critique on “The Odyssey,”or “Caesar’s Gallic Wars,” you wouldn’t just say “This contradicts this,” and stop there. You’d go into an explanation about why the conflict is there, how it likely happened, what it likely means (Two different versions of the myth conflated? Perhaps Caesar was covering his ass about something? Etc), you wouldn’t just say “Well, this one thing is wrong, so the whole thing is useless, nyah nyah nyah.” That’s just poor scholarship, both from a secular and a religious basis.

      And in the end, who cares if Peggy Sue has an imaginary friend or not? If it makes her feel better when her mom is having surgery, what of it? If talking to it helps her focus her thoughts, what of it? If it frees her from the crippling existential dread and meaninglessness that many people are not built to handle, and gives her a sense of purpose, then what of it? If it helps her meet her eventual death with calm peace, what of it? Whether or not God exists, how is ANY of that a bad thing?

      So the second intellectual flaw of this site is “if it’s worthless to me, it’s worthless to everyone, and should be abolished / if it’s important to me, then it should be important to everyone, and opposing opinions should be banned.”

      I dunno. I was intrigued when I got here, but I’m greatly disappointed. Hopefully the author will fix these problems and grow up a little, but the site seems semi-abandoned, so I doubt it.

      I think I’m gonna’ un-subscribe. It’s not really worth my time.

    • tomschaber says:

      “… needs to be taken down”? Why? What about the ISIS sites that encourage all manner of depravity?
      There is no such thing as “Expert Christian and Jewish apologetics” – they are not experts in any sense of the word.
      Show me where anything said on this website is wrong and I will change it.

      • brain says:

        “The Bible is wrong: There is no evidence for Jesus Outside the Bible. The Truth”

        the testimony of Flavius Josephus, a first-century Jewish historian who was a Pharisee. He referred to Jesus Christ in the book Jewish Antiquities. Although some doubt the authenticity of the first reference where Josephus mentioned Jesus as the Messiah, Professor Louis H. Feldman of Yeshiva University says that few have doubted the genuineness of the second reference. There Josephus said: “[Ananus the high priest] convened the judges of the Sanhedrin and brought before them a man named James, the brother of Jesus who was called the Christ.” (Jewish Antiquities, XX, 200) Yes, a Pharisee, a member of the sect many of whose adherents were avowed enemies of Jesus, acknowledged the existence of “James, the brother of Jesus.”
        The influence of Jesus’ existence was felt through the activities of his followers. When the apostle Paul was imprisoned in Rome about 59 C.E., the principal men of the Jews told him: “As regards this sect it is known to us that everywhere it is spoken against.” (Acts 28:17-22) They called Jesus’ disciples “this sect.” If they were everywhere spoken against, secular historians would likely report about them, would they not?

        Tacitus, born about 55 C.E. and considered one of the world’s greatest historians, mentioned the Christians in his Annals. In the account about Nero’s blaming the great fire of Rome in 64 C.E. on them, he wrote: “Nero fastened the guilt and inflicted the most exquisite tortures on a class hated for their abominations, called Christians by the populace. Christus, from whom the name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilatus.” The details of this account match the information regarding the Jesus of the Bible.

        Another writer who commented on Jesus’ followers was Pliny the Younger, the governor of Bithynia. In about the year 111 C.E., Pliny wrote to Emperor Trajan, asking how to handle Christians. People who were falsely accused of being Christians, wrote Pliny, would repeat an invocation to the gods and worship the statue of Trajan, just to prove that they were not Christians. Pliny continued: “There is no forcing, it is said, those who are really Christians, into any of these compliances.” That testifies to the reality of the existence of the Christ, whose followers were prepared to give their lives for their belief in him.

        After summarizing the references to Jesus Christ and his followers by the historians of the first two centuries, The Encyclopædia Britannica (2002 edition) concludes: “These independent accounts prove that in ancient times even the opponents of Christianity never doubted the historicity of Jesus, which was disputed for the first time and on inadequate grounds at the end of the 18th, during the 19th, and at the beginning of the 20th centuries.”

        You are the one without evidence all your subjects are based on outright lies and are out of context and shows a deliberate deceitful lack of understanding for the bible. I have answers for all your misleading subjects that are outright deceitful. The question is: Are you prepared to change everything? Or prepared to take down this deceitful inaccurate site, based on a complete accurate truth proving the bible is God’s inspired word?

      • keith says:

        please anyone who still believes the bible is true ,look at it’s history ,check out all the previous god stories and you will see it is only another one based on the existing myths ,I am telling you the truth please please check it for yourself ,

    • yeah because they are all guilty of Genocide and Supporting Slavery and all the other atrocities they have committed by slaughtering innocent people, Ravishing and invading lands that were not their own. Get out of here with that foolery, You people believe in Freedom of everything until the LIES and Murders you’ve committed in the name of your God are called to the Light. Im going to help him/her spread the Word of REAL TRUTH…

    • “… all the Christian and Jewish apologetics as they are liars and trying to defend their bloody faith, which is not true. Expert Christian and Jewish apologetics are defending their faith for a GOOD reason.”

      Yes it is true that they are liars and trying to defend their truly bloody faith.
      There is no such thing as “expert Christian and Jewish apologetics”. What makes them “expert” at apologizing? What are they apologizing for? I know what they are apologizing for – they are apologizing for lying about their bloody faith.

      What is the “GOOD reason” that they are defending their faith?

      Def: Faith – belief without evidence.

  18. Truthsayer says:

    To republibot3
    You are right – but I’m not going to change it. I’ll run the risk that someone outside of the Abrahamic religions might waste a minute checking out the website.

    • republibot3 says:

      Bad PR move. It makes you come across as a 12 year old catholic kid who doesn’t want to get up early on Sunday anymore. If you’re calling yourself “Truthsayer” and yet deliberately claiming something you know isn’t true, and refuse to fix it, then you’re just muddying the water. You’re harming your own witness, so to speak.

      If you don’t know enough about the other religions to discuss them, then learn. Otherwise knock it off. And don’t flatter yourself about appealing to the “Abrahamic” religions. You’re just targeting Christianity. There’s nothing on your site that would be of any use to a Jew or a Muslim or a Baha’I.

  19. republibot3 says:

    Your masthead says “Free persons of all faiths from the tyranny of their religion”, which is what brought me in the door, but now that I’m here, all I see is a lot of slamming the Judeo/Christian God. There’s no mention of Buddhism or Islam or Hinduism or anything interesting like that. going after the Aod of the Bible has been done to death. Will you be discussing other religions at some point in the future?

    • Phileepin says:

      I don’t think so. He’s just a myrmidon.

    • Truthsayer says:

      Nope. Just slamming the Judeo/Christian/Islamic God is tough enough. I don”t know enough about the others to debunk them.

      • republibot3 says:

        Well then your slogan is very misleading, particularly as you seem to have no intention of making good on it. Don’t you think you ought to change it?

    • Atheos says:

      For Republibot
      There is mention of Islam on this site from Nur and myself under the following topic:

      The Bible is wrong about who wrote Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

      • jbsptfn says:

        Dude, the Bible was written by the Christian community. Atheists need to stop getting wet about the names on the Gospels:

      • Atheos says:

        I’m certainly not getting wet about the names of the gospel authors, and it is not just atheists that struggle to discover the true identity of the authors of our 4 canonical gospels. You would be surprised at how many Christians genuinely believe that Matthew (disciple – tax collector), Mark (translator for Peter), Luke (physician and companion of Paul) and John (disciple – fisherman) were the authors of the gospels attributed to them.

        It was common in antiquity for authors not to sign their own works, but rather read it out loud instead, because the vast majority of people were illiterate. Reading publicly was the only way to get your message out to a wider audience of illiterate Christians. I therefore have absolutely no qualms whatsoever about the gospels originally being anonymous, besides everyone could see and hear the author so there was little point in signing their own work as they were probably the only ones in the room who could write in such a highly educated Greek style. Whilst the author was alive, their identity as the writer of a letter or gospel was known to the community. There was also no need for the gospel work to identify who the author since the earliest Christians believed that they were all still going to be alive to witness Jesus returning in glory.

        My point is that although the gospel was anonymously written, the gospel author was not anonymous to the Christians who knew and heard him reading aloud in their local church. When the author died, his contemporaries still knew who wrote this anonymous gospel. The problems came when later generations would not know who had written the text, having never seen, met nor heard the author. After the apostles, evangelists and first few generations of Christians had died, there was a dialectic shift of seismic proportions as surviving Christians realised that the second coming of Jesus was not going to happen ‘suddenly’ during their lifetimes as they were taught to believe. The community would have experienced a great deal of uncertainty and turmoil, having previously lived anticipating the return of their lord any day now, to the sudden realisation that it is not happening yet and may not happen for a very long time. Such a shift in thinking would have been devastating for most, so it is reasonable to assume that a significant number of believers deserted the Christian faith. It was during this period in the early second century that churches began collecting and collating written works to encourage Christians not to give up their faith. It then became paramount importance as to who had authored a ‘gospel’ to ensure that it carried apostolic authority to justify and encourage those of the faith. Papius made the first mention of gospels authored by Matthew and Mark that we know of, sometime between 130 AD and 140 AD.

        I also fully accept that the gospels were written by different authors, living in different Christian communities within different parts of the former Roman Empire, and were written to serve different purposes within their respective communities.

        However I have to challenge the basic assumption of the Doxa site that the gospels were written by a community of eye witnesses. How did a community in Antioch, Rome, Alexandria, Ephasus say, first learn about Jesus of Nazareth from a Jewish Jesus cult in Galilee? Evangelists preaching, like Paul or Apollos say? So the Antiochenes, Romans, Alexandrians, Ephesians and other communities heard the stories about Jesus from the evangelists, and retold them to others. Sometimes, not always, parts of the story would be changed to suit the occasion or emphasise a point. So were any of the eye witnesses from Jerusalem present to oversee each person telling the story of Jesus? No! They were in Jerusalem. So who of the eye witnesses was overseeing the oral tradition of transmission of the gospel story to ensure that the facts were correct in Antioch, Rome, Alexandria, Ephasus, Macedonia etc? No one was.

        So when Paul had left the churches he had planted in Corinth, Ephasus, or Rome, which witness to Jesus’s resurrection was on hand to ensure that the churches all believed the right stories? Evidently no one, since We only have to read some of Paul’s letters to see how far off track these churches were in what they had heard and what they believed. Much of Paul’s writings to fledgling churches involved rebukes, corrections and impartations of what Paul considered correct beliefs and actions.

        To give some perspective on just how far Christian evangelists would have to travel to reach some places and ensure that the correct oral tradition was being passed on, I have included distances by air, As-the-crow-flies for reference, since the land/sea journey will be a lot further in most cases:

        Jerusalem to Rome 1430 miles
        Jerusalem to Alexandria 312 miles
        Jerusalem to Antioch 310 miles
        Jerusalem to Corinth 814 miles
        Jerusalem to Ephasus (modern Izmir is closest to old Ephasus city) 646 miles
        Rome to Alexandria 1214 miles

  20. Kevminator says:

    The Bible is wrong about who Jesus was. The Truth

    Is there going to be a link here in the future? I would be highly interested in reading what you have to say!


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